Baffin Island 2006

Section of Baffin Island-map showing acces to Stewart Valley through Sam Ford Fjord and Walker Arm.

In May 2006 Dutch climbers Roland Bekendam, Martin Fickweiler and myself set out for Stewart Valley on Baffin Island in the Nunavut province of the Canadian Eastern Arctic. In an attempt to climb a virgin 800m-high face on a broad rock formation opposite Great Sail Peak, we struggled with the cold, bad weather and loose rock only to get 300 meters up the face and eventually had to abandon the climb, returning home after a fifty-day Polar adventure.
It was the first Dutch climbing expedition to Baffin Island.

This small selection of scanned 9 x 12 cm gelatine silver prints on Ferrania photographic paper from the 1950’s, gives an impression of the expedition from the moment we landed at Clyde River Airport until just before we left that same airfield.