Events around the world  A weblog with all kinds of interesting work and thoughts by my brother Cham Horn.  Large size photojournalism pictures.
    Assisting Avedon  Earl Steinbicker writes all he remembers about his time as an assistant for Richard Avedon (in 57 parts!)
   American Suburb X  A site with lots of interesting articles about, and interviews with photographers:
- Gary Winogrand with Bill Moyers, Creativity, WNET, 1982 X
- Robert Frank: American Visions, 1996 by Brian Wallis X
- Dialogue between Duane Michals, Professor Gassan & students X
   Nederlands Fotomuseum  The site of Dutch photomuseum.
- Dressuur van het oog, Vormgeving van fotografie analyseren X
- Webtentoonstellingen X
   iN-PUBLiC  The home of street photography
   2point8  "A wide-open view of the practice of street photography "
- Here’s a mp3 of Winogrand at MIT in 1974 X

 burn magazine  an evolving journal for emerging photographers, curated by magnum photographer David Alan Harvey
- Justin Maxon "When the spirit moves" X
- Prabuddha Dasgupta "Longing" X

- Emile Hyperion Dubuisson "Siberia, the Far North" X


 The online photographer 
- Color Imaging Constrains How We See X
- A Brief Comment On Printing X

   500 Photographers 
500 photographers is a weblog that posts 5 active photographers a week for 100 weeks. The photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range, but they have to be worth looking at and have a certain level of quality. When we get to number 500, we will have a deep database of great photographers.
   Guess The Lighting 
Professional photographer Ted Sabarese guesses how individual images were lit by other photographers and then sketches corresponding lighting diagrams.
   Errol Morris 
Also check his NewYorkTimes-blog:
-"The Case of the Inappropriate Alarm Clock" (about the farm security administration)
-"Valley of the shadow of the death" (Roger Fenton investigation) X
-"Photography as a weapon" ( "The brain is just very good at processing visual imageries and bringing in memories associated with images.") X


 Cary Conover  New York based street photographer (who has a signed copy of HCB's "the desicive moment"...)
- Also check his blog X

   Matt Stuart  Very humorous street photographer
- What was he thinking?X (Blake Andrews blog gives the answer...)
   Otto Snoek  Rotterdam based street photographer

 Magnum  Any photographer will do for inspiration...

   Werkmanslust  een keuze uit het stukjes uit het archief van Eddie Marsman
"Over fotografie gaat het, meestal. Over de wereld dus. En verder: van het een komt snel het ander. Maar dat terzijde."

 Sven Torfinn  Travels all over the world, mainly Africa.

   Michel Kievits  Architecture photographer

 Bob Karhof  Pinhole photography(beautiful colored panorama's) and other picture's.

   Ken Rosenthal  Selfportraits, landscapes, pic-of-the-day and lóts (!) of links.
   Madeleine Heijmans  Beautiful portraits, landscapes and other work.
   Ronald van der Meijs  Sculptor and audio artist from Amsterdam.
   Jerry Uelsmann  One of my early inspirators

 Merkley???  Pretty weird photography with lots of flash, color, animals and (topless) girls.

   Pierre Cordier  Chemigrammen
   Zeitgeist  Not about photography but it'll change your mental framework.